Welcome to the UNC Flow Cytometry Core Facility

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The UNC Flow Cytometry Facility provides flow cytometry and related services to the entire UNC-CH research community as well as to others in the Research Triangle Park area. A skilled staff provides help with sorting, data acquisition, data analysis, and consultation for experiment design. Training is available to enable investigators and their staff to run the analytical cytometers themselves at reduced cost. A major part of our mission is to teach this technology to investigators, students, and staff. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about flow cytometry, if you want to know if you can use it in your research, how to design experiments, prepare samples, or how to analyze your data.
The core is located in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology, on the 6th floor of the Mary Ellen Jones Building, 116 Manning Drive, Chapel Hill, NC.

Acknowledging the core in publications:  Publication Acknowledgements

  • All: Support by Cancer Center Support Grant.
  • Stratedigm and FACSAria II: support by additional sources.


  • HOLIDAY HOURS: The Flow Cytometry Core Facility will be open for user-operated analysis over the holiday break.

    Staff operated analysis and cell sorting will not be available starting Tuesday Dec 23, resuming Monday January 5.  We will be checking in periodically to assure there is sufficient sheath fluid at the instruments. 

FACSCalibur OK MoFlo OK
CyAn Thurston DOWN FACSAria II (BSL-2) OK
CyAn LCCC OK FACSAria III (self-sorting) OK